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Book - Dulce by Joseluis Flore

Desserts in the Latin American Tradition.

Book - Dulce by Joseluis Flore


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The exciting new mode in desserts can be found in this cookbook featuring the flavors of the Latino world. While savory Latin-American cuisine is well known, the sweeter side of this vibrant culinary culture has been overlooked. The countries of Central and South America combined Spanish techniques with native ingredients into an entirely distinct dessert tradition.

This will be the first cookbook devoted to Latin-American sweets, uncovering a whole new world of exotic flavors. The desserts presented range from baked cakes to ice cream to chocolate, with step-by-step recipes for both traditional favorites, such as flans, churros with chocolate, and tres leches cake, as well as original creations from Chef Joseluis Flores’s restaurants.

266 pages - hard cover
Dimensions - 26cm x 21cm x 3cm

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