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Seeds - Chile Jalapeno

C. annuum

Seeds - Chile Jalapeno


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Small dark green fruit ripening to red. Pod size approx. 30mm diameter and up to 75mm long.  A prolific plant producing firm thick fleshed chiles on a plant which grows to 1metre.  The skin often has corking or white lines which develop as they mature.  This can be found on various chile species, but particularly prominent with jalapenos. 

The most well known and versatile chile.  Was in fact the first chile in space in 1982.

Heat 5. Seeds per packet: 30.

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Sow Chili seed .0.5-1cm deep spaced
50-60 cm apart in rows 1.0-1.5 m apart.
The soil should be warm, over 18 C.
Chillies take about 75-90 days to produce ripe fruit.

Tropical areas ..Anytime
Subtropical areas..August to March
Mild Temperate areas..August to December
Cold Temperate areas..September to November
In Temperate areas it is best to plant using seedlings prepared a month to six weeks earlier.

Chiles like alkaline soil and do best in gardens with dolomite or wood-ash added to the soil.

Heat Rating Not Specified
Predominant Chile -
Country of Origin No
Flavour Feature N/A
Brand No

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